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we also have some other misc. brands and sizes of boilers  & 
recon  clean burn ctb 350  boilers in stock that are not yet on website call us @ 330-674-0142 paul .sales 
ul listed lanair tank
ul listed lanair tank
This  reconditioned lanair used oil recycling center (workbench tank) will  mount any lanair heater approx 8' high, includes a 4 inch  vent & fill hole in top and water drain in bottom very nice special
tank price $1,695.00
trades welcome.
lanair mx 300
lanair mx 300
lanair mx 200
lanair mx 200
Reconditioned Lanair used oil recycling center (workbench tank) with an MX 300 heater mounted approx. 8' high includes new meter pump & 2nd filter  plumbed and wired,  only $1695
Lanair MX 150-300 heater and complete tank unit available for any Lanair heater system 
This soft filter protector fits over your shop vac filter and stops all that ash from plugging your filter.  When it gets full & wrinkled, then turn it off & it will expand & the ash will fall off.  Turn on; it's clean & so easy.  Only $20. Click on picture.
These clean out tools make cleaning ash out easy; be sure to order this tool with your  heater order to save shipping    only $20.
don't try it this way
Turn off & it's clean
This is the newest, latest, & greatest.
$ 20 --precision  plasma cut ends --steel pipe handle -so ez
filter protectors 
clean out tools  
used 250 -1000 gallon  waste oil  tanks  located in millersburg  ohio  
painted black or red priced around 
$1 - $2.50 per gallon furnace can also be mounted on top of tank ;[see installation pix  or Shenandoah page for more pix].
includes rear 8'' top exhaust outlet,   hot air outlet louvers are reversible -- right or left side so you can easily mount between bays.   includes,​ books, air compressor, meter pump, clean out tool, and digital thermostat  and 2 year parts warranty late model  price only $5975   see our videos page for a meter pump video 
Recon Energy-logic EL350-H complete furnace system  [ Late model nice UNIT ]
h-s90 hot shot
125,000 BTU heater 
with   burner
and updated meter pump see installed pix of 125 on installation pix page 4th row down 
h-s90 hot shot
h-s90 hot shot
h-s90 hot shot
125,000 btu heater  with e-z clean -out panel includes meter pump and pressure side filter system $2,895  
wedco 250,000 btu quiet ductable furnace
wedco  waste oil furnace
wedco 250,000 btu waste oil furnace
wedco  with swing out burner closed
wedco  with swing out burner open
wedco 175-250,000 btu furnace with updated swing-out burner and belt drive blower 
wedco 175- 250,000 btu with swing burner and quick disconnect wiring this unit was completely reconditioned. Runs quiet, very nice unit 175 is $3,395 --  250 is $3,995 includes a
2 year parts warranty  with a new meter pump add $395.00    
2 UL- listed heavy steel workbench tanks with 8 foot high supports to hold any heater    
tank dims-3.5 ft  deep 
 x 5 ft w x 2.5ft h
with supports to hold bottom of heater up 8 ft 
325 gallons  red        $3,395 
looks similar to black tank to right
4 steam hot water radiators are  available click link entire below see page 1 model vvn is similar approx 100k--BTU 110 volts--- $400 each
UL listed reconditioned  double wall workbench 
72'' w x. 34''d x 37'' H tank is 250 gal red with uprights 4 heater $3,495
same as pix to left
great little heater for small shop  
ctb 350 boiler is very similar to this one 
aftermarket  reconditioned  workbench tank stand
72'' w x. 34''d x 37'' H tank is 250 gal black with uprights 4 heater $2,495
similar to pix above
All btu ratings on this site are based on factory specifications​