Reconditioned Reznor Heaters
Reznor 140,000 and 235,000 BTU heater includes meter pump, and air compressor.  This furnace was disassembled and reconditioned from the bottom up.  This furnace has passed a rigorous 50-point functional & safety inspection.  Normal price is approximately $3,995 - $4,995 These waste oil heaters come with a complete 2-year parts warranty.  We sometimes have duct-able ones available (add $200); call us at:  330-674-0142.
Reznor 350,000 BTU waste oil heater, meter pump & air compressor completely reconditioned & passed a rigorous 50-point functional & safety inspection.  price is  $5,950  2-year parts warranty.
also 400 hour like new 350,000 BTU ductable furnace 1 available $6,995 3 yr parts warr.
all parts in stock
Reznor meter pump for any size furnace.  Also parts for Reznor meter pump; see our Reznor parts page.
for free for years
heat your shop
reconditioned, cleaned, serviced, 31 point inspection test-fired.   2-year warranty.  price $1,595- $2,195 exch.  See our Reznor parts page.
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Reconditioned Firebox Exchange Program for 140,000 or 235,000 BTU With our 8 new style round tubes, you will get more heat out of your heater, a 100° lower stack temperature, and longer intervals between cleanings.  These tubes are not welded in, so that they are replaceable.  Notice the burner flange reinforcement brackets.  This keeps the burner flange mounting bracket straight.  These come with a new target shield and a 2-year warranty and includes a clean-out door.  You must turn in your old heat exchanger, clean out doors (not shown in picture), and fan limit switch assembly.  Exchange price is $1,345 for 140,000 and $1,795 for 235,000.  Compare this with new prices of more than $5,700!  Call us at 330-674-0142.  If you need all new fan-limit control switches, add $196   We can ship this chamber to your door by truck-line with a credit card 
Dual fans; lots of hot air.
Safe, powerful, and effective.
Super easy to clean.
NOTE:  Our website is for your information only, and is an overview of what we have reconditioned / sold in the past.  
Call us for exact information and to see what we currently have on hand.
Hot air outlet louvers full left ,right  or 50-50
Burner end swings open for easy cleaning
225 or 325 Venturion adjustable louvers L-R--50-50
Reznor Venturion Model 225   This late model, ductable, 225,000   BTU, reconditioned Reznor furnace comes with a meter pump, on board air compressor, hinged door for easy clean-out, heavy duty direct drive blower, book, and a 2-year parts warranty. Approximate price $4,295 .  A 330 gallon aftermarket tank unit is available for under this heater, for an additional $2,695. See picture below or see pictures on Installation Pix page.  hot air louvers are reversible left or right for easy mounting
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Reznor 350,000 BTU
Reznor 235,000 and 140,000 BTU
Reznor Meter Pumps
Recon Reznor Burner Exchange Program for 140-235-350  ------ 150-250 & Venturion burner $1695
Heat Exchanger / Fire Box Exchange Program for 140,000 or 235,000 BTU
Reznor 225 Venturion  ductable late model new style furnace
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quiet belt drive blower
this is needed for duct work 
available for models 350k, 235k & 140k BTU.
Mount any size heater on top of this style tank.
This aftermarket used oil recycling center (workbench tank) with any size heater mounted approx 7-8' high, and pump fully plumbed and wired, includes emergency vent & water drain in bottom of tank with fill hole on top.    price is 
Ductable Blower unit
Tank Unit
Right rear view
Notice bottom left clean-out access cover.
Left is clean-out end.
Burner end
Burner Junction Box, basic wiring
A very popular heater.  Meter pump eliminates flame adjustments.
Brown cover panel removed shows clean-out door.
Heavy-duty ball bearing motor; exact fit.
New heavy-duty replacement gear motors for most model $198
recon/new compressors 395 - 489 exch
long life & quite saves your shop air @ night
     new style quiet 
 Recon  Compressor
Heat Exchanger / Fire Box for 350,000 exch.  & 500,000 BTU Reznor no core $1500!
Clean-out end with door installed.
Shows Clean-out door opened.
Front view burner end.
Rear view burner end.
Reconditioned Firebox for 350,000 BTU Reznor   These come with a new target shield , and includes a clean-out door. only  $2,195  Compare this with prices of more than $6900!   truck-line shipping available 
We ship UPS daily.
main control box with after purge relay wiring see your book !!!!
its so easy @ central ohio heaters
Truck Line Shipping 
Heat Exchanger / Fire Box for 150,000 & 250,000 BTU Reznor 
Reconditioned Firebox for 150,000 & 250,000 BTU Reznor  includes a clean -out  door. no core charge . only  $1,495 no core needed.  Compare this with prices of more than $5,200!  Call us at 330-674-0142.                                                               We can ship this chamber to your door by truck-line on credit card
This video is to help our customers understand how a Reznor heater works and has some installation help.    about 25 min.
see our Reznor tutorial  video 
new style spin -on filter
Reznor  Venturion exchange burner
our most popular chamber
 venturion wiring 
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2 Bolts to open E-Z clean-out door for full access
 Reznor 325 Venturion  Ft. & RR. clean-outs
complete front & rear  end doors open very easily with full access to entire heat chamber for cleaning ash out.  The 325 includes powerful belt drive blower on top, louvers are reversible 
L- R for easy mounting between bays same deal as above   Reconditioned price is $4,895
2 year parts warranty 
This style unit is fully ductable
8'' exhaust outlet  on one side --- rear  E-Z clean-out access panel
325,000 btu  model 325 Reznor  Venturion
rear access panel opens E-Z
2 HP belt drive ductable Blower
for 500,000 BTU see misc and specials page
 more exchange  parts available on parts page 
  waste oil heater waste oil furnaces
RA- 150-250 wiring 
ra 250 150 reznor waste oil heater
Reznor 150,000 btu waste oil heater
Reznor 250,000 btu waste oil heater
Reznor 250,000 btu waste oil heater
Reznor 150,000 btu waste oil heater
Reznor RA-150 or 250 heater          Reconditioned exchange burners also available on parts page
Reznor  Model RA- 150 or 250  This late model ,low hour 150k or 250k BTU, reconditioned Reznor heater comes with a meter pump, on board air compressor, hinged door for easy clean-out, book, 3-year parts warranty.  price $4,295 or $5,395 
reznor waste oil burner exchange
heater trades welcome
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