fastened parallel with big i beams using short channell irons bolted to bottom of i beam
Installation Pictures & Information
Used in an airport repair shop; a particular place
1,000 gallon tank, with mounting bracket for furnace on top
Black Gold on 250-gallon work bench tank
Easy to install
Heats Massey dealer shop
Frst workhorse
Never adjust the flame and seldom clean nozzle.  Its' powerful !!!
This tank was made to hold heater on right
For your convenience, we have taken pictures of miscellaneous installations.  Be sure to follow all applicable codes for fire, electrical, and exhaust etc., which may differ from these pictures.  Also refer to your owner's manual.  We also recommend that you get a licensed, experienced, professional to safely install / inspect the furnace installation.  Use at your own risk.
Second workhorse
Super team in a huge shop
Heats huge office at Massey Furgeson dealer
Good exhaust vent system
Easy to install
Chimney too short
This oil tank can keep you warm all winter
Good draft
Nice clean-out tee!
For CB 3500 up 6 pix at International dealer
Good draft
Equipped with air compressor, meter pump, and funnel fill
For a Big Shop
Square Tank with a Black Gold Furnace
350 Shenandoah on top of 500 gallon tank
200 Black Gold on top of 275 gallon tank
200 Black Gold heats the shop through the wall (on the left).
3500 Clean Burn; 500 gallon tank with meter pump and auto fill.  This 1 (of 2) heats a huge international truck dealership.  (It is a tall, cement-block shop for 20 trucks.)
This is the second furnace in the international truck shop.  Notice the stack goes out the wall on the left side.  It sets on top of the concrete office.  The clean-out cap is on the bottom right.
Watch out for other roof lines in the vicinity of the exhaust cap, to eliminate down-draft.  The first 3 pictures are an outside view of the international dealer.  Class A stack was cemented through the block wall; they did a beautiful job, and it works great.  Notice the clean-out plug on bottom of the tee.
This stack sets above the roof line properly, but has no where to clean out the ash from the elbow.
300 gallon tank with furnace bracket on top, to set heater in.
Beautiful installation, and it is easy to clean and service.
Inside stack on top of Black Gold heater.  Be sure to keep triple wall 1' underneath ceiling, and use bracket to prevent it from falling down.
This stack looks great, except, notice the ridges on the upper side of the stack.  The two ridges above the stack will make a pond of water when it rains.  The stack should have been centered with a rib in the tin, causing the water to run around the stack.
Think about snow when you install your stack.  (Looks like the snow bent the first chimney over.)  Keep an eye on your roof and stack outside.  The second stack could get covered with snow.  It is barely through the roof, and could freeze shut, and close the stack off.
This is a basic picture of a meter pump, installed on top of a tank.  It is very simple.
Save your oil in the summer time.  You will need it when it gets 10° below zero!  Don't give it to your neighbor.  An outside tank can work very well if it is done properly.  Be sure to use UL listed, code approved tank, with proper venting for outside storage.
A real workhorse
4 blade fan; 3/4 hp; 110 volt
Lots of hot air
Happy customer
Good draft till it falls over
Notice the coarse grill won't clog very easy.  Click on picture.
Big independent truck repair shop.  Happy customer.
350,000 BTU Shenandoah  Ceiling-hung, with heavy angle-iron, on steel beams.  It was a great job, except it was too close to the flammable ceiling.  Minimum distance must be 3'.  Also, the stack was not supported.  If it would rust in two, the whole stack would come down through the ceiling, and fall down on the floor.  This one heater heats a huge logging equip/ truck shop, and it runs great.  Notice their stack outside in the next picture.
This stack is leaning, because it did not have a bracket to hold it straight.  The guy wires rusted off.
Notice how far the stack sticks above the roof.  This stack will work great.
Notice the buildings and roof lines in the near vicinity (above, behind, and below).  Taller stack may be necessary in such installations.
A great job!  The stack does not need to be higher than the peak, just protruding nicely through the roof, to avoid down draft.  If possible, avoid the extra expense of using triple wall, through the tallest part of the  trusses.
Great installation; not too high and easy to service and clean.  The front red door and burner swings open for cleaning & service.  Notice the 6 - 8' legs that go down to the floor to makes it easy to mount tanks under heater.  This heats a big truck repair shop near Goshen, Indiana.   3500 Clean Burn
So easy
Easy to install
Used oil recycling center (workbench tank)
Mount any heater up on this tank
Model 2500 with the easy clean out door open.
Reconditioned UL tank units with furnace mounted, plumbed, and wired on top.  This is ez
250-gallon recycling center (workbench tank). Approximate price is $2,495 
big double wall UL tank is $3495
Millersburg, OH 44654


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Click on any picture to view a larger image.
Easy to install stack
Nice ceiling support
Use no more elbows than needed
This heater seems too close to wall; not sure if cleanout is accessable on left side
Nice install in a new shop, but it may be too close on the left side for clean out panel access.  Can the bottom cap be removed to clean ash out of upright stack?  MODEL 2500 CLEAN BURN; happy customer.
notice the 3 wall stack has angle iron bracket 6'' below ceiling
The 8" triple wall goes straight up through the ceiling & roof sheet metals; just two holes & a bracket needed to hold triple wall near the ceiling.
No good draft here
Imagine the backdraft with a west winter wind.
Next 3 pictures are the same install; too many elbows
Keep your heater area free of cardboard
Trim trees away from stack or on picture
Notice the square tube on ceiling that mounts heater on a diagonal angle.  It's a big 4 and catches two trusses. Four 5/8 inch threaded rods go down to heater.
Too many flammables in vicinity of heater; even a tree branch shot down through the roof  from a tall tree outside! Use common sense!!!!!
Do not use single wall, chrome truck exhaust stack; it gets way too hot in truss area, and will not warm up in 
a -10° winter wind.
After market 330-gallon tank  with emergency vent
Easy to install; we wire & plumb oil pump
This after market oil recycling center (workbench tank) holds 330 gallons, and is 8' high.  We can mount any reconditioned heater on top of these tanks.  It includes emergency vent, pump mounted & wired, fill hole, and water drain in bottom etc.  This option makes installation easy for you.  Call us; we're flexible.
  Price: $2,495 
New 4'' emergency vent; use on tank similar to next picture
brace your stack good or ice/snow slides will tear it off
End wall side view
End wall bottom view
End wall side view
Roof view
End wall view
This is an 8" Metal-Fab, stainless stack system for outside the building.  It has a 90° brace, and is fastened to the building.   This is all the same stack system, just different views. 
let us make what you need
we'll  make whatever is right for you
all hooked up
all plumbed & wired
This is a 125,000 BTU heater mounted on top of 275-gallon tank.  Don't mount your heater directly on top of your tank.  You should have more room for fire safety.  This heater was in the corner of a small garage, blowing on an angle.  It heats the whole shop nicely.
If you need your furnace mounted in a specific position, or on top of your tank etc., we can fabricate any style or size mounting bracket, for a perfect fit in your shop.
Don't forget maintenance.
Don't let them haul it to your neighbor.
You'll need it when the snow flies.
You are responsible for the oil you generate, summer and winter.  Don't let them haul it to your neighbor; you will need it when it gets cold.  Did you know that if they spill it, you are responsible for the clean up?
New Metal-Fab Stack System   Click here for stack system information to go with your furnace purchase.
Call us for the password needed on the next page.
Click here for stack system information.
Click on the image above to get the Metal-Fab stack system information.  You will need to call us for the password.
Powerful, 8 HP gas with love-joy coupling and big gear pump.  It moves 250 gallons in 20 minutes.
An installation in the mountains of Colorado.  We shipped the furnace to him, he installed it, and it works perfect , even at high altitudes.  He did a nice job; we would suggest cutting the insulation 2" away from the stack.  He likes it.
Simple installation.  90° on the heater, then straight up through to the rain cap.  The 4 allthread rods should go through the ceiling and fasten through a 3" square tube on 2 or 3 trusses.
This stack goes in through the wall to the 250 Omni, shown in the second picture, using an insulated T to come through the wall.  Then the 8" triple wall goes straight up outside, higher than the end wall.  This eliminates down drafts.  The inside stack can be lifted up slightly above the heater, to remove and clean it.  A super installation.
fastened parallel with big i beams using short channell irons bolted to bottom of i beam
ceiling mounted from 3 or 4 perlins  using  long  4 '' channel irons for ceiling supports
long  CB 2500 heater mounted from ceiling structure  in a steel building
2 Nice ceiling supported  installs in a newer shop using 4'' channel iron bolted to the steel building
nice way to install it in a steel building
just make an angle iron bracket to hold chimney up to the steel perlins
close up view click on pix for better view
silicone the flexible rubber boot to the roof & leave a water way around chimney
stack mounting pix in a steel frame  building they made a small angle iron frame to fasten it up to the perlins.
and went straight through the roof & sealed it up nicely 
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