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 Reconditioned Heat Chambers Page 
2500 ductable; new style; nice
swing-open door 
 Clean Burn  These are complete heater chambers  These  were  disassembled and reconditioned from the bottom up, including new tubes and target,etc.  This furnace has passed a rigorous   functional & safety inspection.  Normal price is listed below  This entire machine comes with a complete 2-year parts warranty.
Easy clean swing door
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Clean Burn Model 5000 & 3500 complete red box w/electrical & door $3495.00- -$2995.00  just re-use your burner and blower.  Or fire chamber only $1995.00
Clean Burn Models 1500, 1750, 2500 or 3250 available w/electrical & door
CB 2500 price exchange w/out blower $1995.00 w/blower add $395.00
Clean Burn Model 2800
Clean Burn Model 1800
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Clean Burn 140,000 BTU
rear view of 4 blade fan lots of air
rear view 8'' exh
Available for swing-out or non swing burner
    heater trades  welcome any brand
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Please note we will trade any way you like it. Just the fire-box,or the whole red heater box w/door &  electrical or we can also sell  with or with-out a burner just call us 330-674-0142
fire chamber only
Complete red box
complete red box w/or w/out blower its easier to ship w/out blower 10 screws to remove
Clean Burn 280,000 uses H-S burner
Clean Burn 185,000 uses H-S burner
Available for swing-out or non swing burner
Complete red box
Complete red box
basic rear view of CB 185/280
140,000 btu Clean Burn is available for black burner or h-s style Available with swing  or non swing burner
e-z to clean-out
just put your burner on and go 
it's so ez
  Model CB 2800 or 280,000 BTU  is approx $1950.00 - $1795.00    exchange price
 Model CB 1800 or 185,000 BTU   is approx $1695.00    exchange price
 Model CB 1400 or 140,000 BTU   is approx $1195.00    exchange price
Clean Burn Model 1400
all   heater chambers are covered by a 2 year parts warranty
 Shenandoah heat chamber exchange program for Models 500,000-175,000  exchange price burners also available with the chambers. We will sell however you like.
Shen. 500 wide rear view.  10 '' stack , steep fan blades ,   measurements are       54wx52dx33h
 1 hp 220 volt motor
approx price is $2450 -$2750       exchange 
Shenandoah Models, 500 Wide, 500 Narrow, 350 swing or 350 non swing
Shen. 500 wide or narrow will have the bigger 1 hp 220 volt motor , but 350 will  have 110 v. 3/4 hp motor & shallower blades  
frt. view Shen. 500 wide / 500 narrow or 350  swing.  
approx price for 500 narrow or 350 Swing    $2250 -$2500   Exchange
Shen.  500 narrow or 350 non swing  measurements are 42wx52dx33h
approx. Price is $1995 -$2100
Shenandoah Models, 235,000 -175,000   also Horizon  315,000 and  200,000 BTU
Shenandoah Models, 235,000 -175,000  Approx price is $1495 to $1395

Shenandoah Horizon Firelake Models, 315,000 -200,000  Approx price is $1500 to $1200 exchange 

  Model EL-140-200-340H  approx. price $1695.00 - $1895.00 exchange 
energy logic heat chamber exchange program for Models el-140H , EL-200H , EL-340H exchange price burners also available with the chambers. We will sell however you like.