Reconditioned Shenandoah Heaters
This one is huge!
10'' stack Lots of hot air!
New Style Shenandoah 500,000 BTU ("wider")  Heater comes with a swing-out burner, quick-disconnect cord, 10" exhaust stack outlet, and 220-volt 1 HP fan. this complete heater  was disassembled and reconditioned --updated including new tubes and target etc.  This heater has passed a rigorous 50-point functional & safety inspection. Normal price is approximately 
$6,895. This entire machine comes with a complete 2-year parts warranty.  With new steady volume cruise control meter pump, add $395. narr. Shen. 500- $6,295
350,000 BTU Shenandoah heater, 110 volt  This is a complete heater & pump.  This heater was disassembled & reconditioned from the bottom up, including new tubes and target etc.  This heater has passed a rigorous 50-point functional & safety inspection.  Normal price is approx. $5,995 - $6,595.  complete 2-year parts warranty.     With a  new S.V.C.C. meter pump, add $395.  42wx52dx33h
Super simple!
Complete 175,000 / 235,000 BTU waste oil heater This furnace was disassembled and recon from the ground up, including the L baffle  tubes and target etc.  This furnace has passed a rigorous 50-point functional & safety inspection.  Normal price is  $4,495 -$5,175 
complete 2-year parts warranty with a new meter pump add $395 . 

Horizon  model 155,000 - 315,000 BTU   completely reconditioned -- now with 3 extra safety switches to prevent overheating & has passed our  50-point functional & safety inspection.  Normal price is approximately $4,495 - $5,395 depending on the size etc. & comes with a complete 2-year parts warranty.  For a  new steady volume cruise control meter pump, add $395  to eliminate flame fluctuations.
Left side
Front view
Right rear view
Standard Shenandoah B-5 Burner   This burner has been completely cleaned, serviced, inspected, and test-fired.  (You must have a core burner to exchange.)   Comes with a full 2-year warranty.  Approximate price is $1,495 - $1,795 exchange.  See our Shenandoah parts page.  These have passed a 30-point safety inspection.
Very simple & powerful
Any trouble-ship it UPS.
Complete reconditioned slide-out.  This is the main component of the burner & comes with a complete 2 yr warranty. Approximate price $595 exch 
$750 new exch ready to ship same day on credit card with delayed core  
only $195
others available see bottom of page
Black Tank Unit for mounting heater on top; it has short legs on the bottom.  Plumbing, electrical, water drain (in bottom), and bracket (to hold furnace up) are included.  oil storage tanks-1,000 gallon skid tank $1,000 - $2,000;  500 gallon tank $695 - $995;  250 - 300 gallon tank for $295 - $695;  275 gallon flat oval tank for $295.  (You cannot mount a big furnace on a small tank)  painted red or black The 250 gal. Clean Burn UL tank is $3,495
All parts in stock.
110-volt Tjernlund Draft Inducers:,barometric dampers   These can helpful if you have a poor draft situation in your chimney.  Most installations dont need these.  See Shenandoah Parts page. 
 Approx price is $120 - $195      new 10' now available $349
Like new!
Big or small, call us.
Ductable & Easy to mount & clean.
Eliminate spilled oil.
Automatic Fill Pump, includes cleanable suction filter, transfer pump, motor, bracket assembly, and timer float switch.  Approximate price is $495
Complete or parts
One-piece Pump and Filter Assembly, that mounts on top of your tank.  Use this to move your oil over to your furnace.  Price:  $195-295.  See our     parts page. 
New pump head only $198.
Name brand quality.
Set it & forget flame fluctuations!
NOTE:  Our web-site is for your information only, and is an overview of what we have reconditioned / sold in the past.  
Call us for exact information and to see what we currently have on hand.
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Shenandoah 500,000 BTU       54wx52d
Shenandoah 350,000 BTU newer style swing-out  burner
 175,000 235,000 BTU
Horizon - Firelake 155,000/200,000/315,000  BTU
Reconditioned Shenandoah B-5 Burner, any BTU any color - exchange 2 year warranty
 Reconditioned exchange Shenandoah B-5 Slide-Outs
Need to heat a HUGE facility?
 Shenandoah b-10 waste oil burner double nozzle
Includes the safety controls & regulators.
Over-sized B-10 burner with a dual nozzle, to make a HUGE boiler  flame.  Special Requirements!!
The oil pre-heater block in this burner has been  high pressure & chemical cleaned & temperature  & amperage calibrated test fired & inspected.  complete exchange burner price is $2995. OR  Complete exchange
 2 nozzle slide- out  price is $1495 same deal as above Comes with a 2-year warranty.
Reconditioned exchange Shenandoah B-10 Burner complete or 2 nozzle slide - out  
Electric or gas Powered Waste Oil station or portable pumps
Reconditioned J Pumps
Recon - Shenandoah Variable Speed Meter Pumps, 90 VDC Controls, motors, Parts
Tune-up Parts 
Click on any picture to view a larger image.
famous work horse
8'' stack Lots of hot air!
Rusted exhaust pipe?  We can help.
Misc. barometric dampers etc.
bolt it to the wall for sure
So easy to clean ash out!
Easy, quick installation; 330-gallon tank
Mount your 200,000 BTU heater on top of a 275-gallon tank approximate price is $295 - $395.
This aftermarket used oil recycling center (workbench tank) with any size heater mounted approx 8' high, and pump fully plumbed and wired, includes emergency vent & water drain in bottom of tank with fill hole on top. Approximate price is $2,695
Misc. Air Compressor Options  Add-on option for most heaters; approximate price is $250 - $495.
Misc. Air Compressor Options
Tank Units
like new fast pump with suction pipe & discharge hoses / 110 volt cord
16 GPM air operated diaphram oil Pump $295
slide outs now avail. new exch
wow 20 years of free heat
Buy a Shenandoah and take care of it, and you may get more hours on your Shenandoah than 39,748.  He figures at $1,500/month for 3 months ($4,500/year) for 20 years, till his furnace finally quit, he probably saved $90,000!!!  This person is now a happy customer of Central Ohio Heaters, Ltd.  Why not call Central Ohio Heaters, Ltd. today and start saving on your heat bills?
330-674-0142.oh we discovered this meter didn't work any more. The heater outlasted the hour meter!!!!! 
Long-lasting Quality
drain your oil here and pump it up to the top of your tank
wraps hose up nicely with end plugs
 1.5" x 20 ' SUCT. and PRESS. hoses, nice Honda motor Hoses wrap around $950 can ship
easily adaptable to your application
315,000 BTU Shenandoah Horizon
Complete 315,000 BTU Shenandoah 
waste oil furnace with reversible hot air outlet & 8 inch exhaust.  completely reconditioned & updated. includes 
50-point functional & safety inspection. 2 yr. parts warranty -- now with 3 extra switches to prevent overheating!!!  price is   $5,395  
with svcc meter pump add $395 
reversible exhaust & louvers easily   mounts between stalls.
we ship all over the us no problem
super fast Truck Line  Shipping

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.                           All btu ratings on this site are based on factory specifications
oil pre-heater block is high pressure & chemical cleaned & temp. & amperage calibrated  
315,000 BTU & tank
easy to trade and exact fit
just bolt your stuf on this heater and go
 Reconditioned chamber for Shenandoah horizon 155-200 & 315
If your heat complete heat chamber needs replaced this is your best option.   Exchange price is $1,995 and $2,695  includes a 2 year parts warranty  For other models. click our heat chambers tab up on left side
Shenandoah waste oil furnace & burner tutorial video
Shenandoah waste oil furnace & burner tutorial video  includes tips for  installation , maintenance,  sequence of operation etc
 This video is to help our customers understand how a Shenandoah  heater works and has some installation help.etc    about 23 min just click on center button
genuine Shenandoah quality
Shenandoah 175-235,000 BTU
bolt on  burner
350 & 500 8or10'' exhaust is similar
Click on these pix for  ez replacement 90 vdc motor - pulley - belt - instructions only $289 exch. for Shenandoah
90 vdc controls only $195 or see our new steady volume cruise control meter pump video on bottom of  parts page 
Swing-out  burner
Easy to clean-out
24'' x 18'' x 24'' high
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New style wider 500 swing burner
54w 52d 33h 
double nozzle b-10 shenandoah  burner slide out
reconditioned  double nozzle b-10 Shenandoah  slide out
90 vdc replacement motors available
90 vdc replacement motors available
90 vdc replacement controls available
brand new 350 available for only $2000 more
brand new  Shenandoah burner avail. any BTU
see video about triple watchdog overheat system to prevent chamber overheating 
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All btu ratings on this site are based on factory specifications​
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detailed Shenandoah burner parts breakdown pdf