Great service and great people to deal with.         Bremen, GA

This is a good place to save money on overpriced manufacture's prices and to gain information and knowledge from your experience.  Friendly and helpful staff/family.  I am sure I'll continue doing business with you in the future.  Thanks.         Galveston, IN

Extremely happy with my experience with Central Ohio Heaters, LTD.  Great customer service experience, fast friendly service, product was delivered in excellent condition.  Great setup and operating manuals included.          Platteville, CO

Good heater at reduced cost, compared to new.  Everything was good and just as expected.         Marion, IN

Central Ohio Heaters, LTD. provided us with a quality product at a reasonable price.  They have also provided excellent support any time we have had a question on anything.        Sidney, OH

Very good; always helpful; always correct info; very knowledgeable; gets me going very quickly; excellent technical help page on website; products are better than expected.         Ohio

Paul offers a good product backed up with SERVICE.  They are experts and always willing to help.  We would recommend to anyone who wants to save over 1/2 the price of a new oil furnace.  Great service!!!!!         Bluffton, OH

Easy people to buy from.         Twin Falls, ID

Nice people, very knowledgeable about their product and all the working components.  Saves a lot of money in comparison to the price of a new furnace.          Lemont Furnace, PA

I did not buy my heater from you but contacted you for a metering pump and tune up parts.  I have been very impressed with the service and help.  I would highly recommend you.  I have burnt a lot of oil-around 2,000 gallons through my heater in a year.  Keeps my shop nice at -30*.  I do 500-hour intervals on cleaning.  Runs super nice and smooth with the pump I got from you.  I bought my heater used and not working.  Paul has been a great help in getting my heater up and running even if I did not buy it from you.  It is very nice these days to have good customer service on the other end of the phone.  Thanks again for all the help; don't even know who I would have called in Alaska.  Thanks.         Soldotna, AK

Paul has a profound knowledge of waste oil heaters, their maintenance and installation procedures, and is also a gentleman.         Oak Harbor, WA

Excellent heater; completely satisfied; has worked with no problems or issues since purchased in 2006!  Low maintenance-clean only once a season.  After 4 seasons have only replaced a nozzle.  Central Ohio Heaters, LTD. took care of parts same day.  Wonderful heat, $$$ well spent!!!!  Paid for itself 3 times over!  Would definitely recommend to everyone.           Martins Ferry, OH

All information has been excellent and right on, which made installation easy.  This is the first winter and it looks like it will be a warm one in my shop.  Thanks!          Greenville, MI

The service has been great.  We were even able to contact Paul after hours for advice.  He made this stress-free.  I am confident in his knowledge of the product and its maintenance.           Bradyville, TN
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