Warranty Terms & Conditions
Warranty Does Cover

All parts on the complete system, under normal use, (except dirty oil filters).
Units installed, operated, and maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Defective parts under normal use.
Defects in material and workmanship up to 1,500 hours per year.  (Customer must clean ash out of unit at proper intervals, and document hours and dates on cleaning chart.)
Repairs at our shop, at our discretion, as to the best option--to repair or replace the unit.
Free technical help over the telephone for the length of your warranty coverage, after customer has read and understood manuals.

Warranty Does Not Cover

Running out of fuel.
Pumps ran with water or antifreeze, due to contaminates in tank.
Damage caused by:
○      force.
○      acts of God (such as lightening etc.).
○      other accident not related to product defect.
○      abuse.
○      misuse.
○      neglect of product.
○      neglect of cleaning (see safety sheet).
○      improper
•     wiring.
•     assembly.
•     adjustment.
•     service.
•     maintenance.
•     operation.
•     parts.
•     installation, (such as oil and air lines reversed) etc.
○     using heater for which it was not intended.
○     units run with worn or damaged nozzle / crooked flame.
○     burners clogged up with dirt, or oily or dirty compressed air.
○     improper wiring of components (wrong voltages such as 3-phase, 220, or 440 volt).
Heaters mounted so high that they cannot be reached for periodic service.  (Approximately 8 - 10 feet to the bottom of the heater, would seem to be an acceptable height.)  Some people think they should be mounted 18 - 20 feet high; this is ridiculous.  Be sure you don't mount your heater near where semis / other large vehicles pull through the shop.  (Inexperienced drivers have backed into heaters, and knocked them completely off the ceiling, burning all the way.  This is not pretty.  Mount your heater somewhere out of the way.)
Heaters mounted closer than 3 feet to walls, corners, and ceilings.  You will need this room for periodic cleanings.
Meter pumps with improper suction hoses.
Any and all labor charges, unless problem is resolved in our shop, at our expense.
Shipping charges to ship defective parts to us, or special, emergency, return shipping.
Loss of income, or labor costs of removal or re-installation of unit.
Units beyond original purchaser of unit, or units resold to third party.
Parts requested in excess of parts needed to correct the defect under normal use.
Dirty oil filters.
Repairs beyond original purchase price of unit.
Past warranty time period.
Past 3,000 hours of use.
For customers who do not read and follow manuals instructions, (especially new meter pump manual instructions).
Frozen pipes in cold weather. 
Units that have been severely over-fired. 
Units that are run with down-draft, poor draft, or no draft over the fire, (caused by clogged stack system, rain cap, or furnace).  This causes heater damage, and carbonization of retention head etc.  (Check draft weekly.)
Smoked up shop interior due to lack of cleaning unit.  (Smoke will back up from exhaust into shop, if customer does not clean out unit, stack, and rain cap before it gets clogged up with ash).
Unit if customer burns improper fuels (such as: solvents, highly flammable liquids, chlorinated solvents, racing fuels, xylene, benzene, methanol, crude oil, or other unlisted, wild fuels).
Consequential or special damage suffered (such as operating inefficiencies).
Parts purchased from other suppliers, without prior approval from Central Ohio Heaters, Ltd.  Call first.  Save old parts, we may ask for them.  
Unit if any kind of air filters are used.
Tanks which are rusted out on the bottom, due to customer not draining water every 30 days.
Unit if safety switches are disconnected or by-passed in any way.
Caked up internal oil heater block due to heating oil in heater block all summer. (Turn power off in summer.)

●     Clean unit, stack, and rain cap every 250 hours, or as needed.

●     Yearly, or every 1,500 hours, have an experienced, professional, waste oil furnace technician perform a preventative maintenance on complete heater system.

●      Turn the heater off in the summer.



●      Check retention head for carbonization.

●      Check flame & inspect for a good draft.

●      Check vacuum & pressure gauges after 5 minutes of running time.



●      Drain out water from storage tank.

●      Check belt tension on blower (if applicable).

●      Look at rain cap outside, to make sure it is not clogged.
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