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Common Testimonials
"When you got done updating my furnace, it worked 100% better!"    -Miles Webb, PA

"We just love it."
"Works super."
"Let it snow; we work in our shirt sleeves; plenty of heat."
"No problems."

Buy your furnace here at our modern facility!
Signature Services from Central Ohio Heaters, Ltd.
  • See it run before you leave
  • Personal Orientation & Instruction (for use & care)
  • Buy, Sell, or Trade
  • Free Technical help after sale
  • Experienced Personnel 
  • Parts for Obsolete Heaters

Why Choose Us? 
1. We make satisfied customers a priority.
2. We have the best value.
3. We do what we say we're going to do, with in an agreed time frame.
4. We have the parts in stock to get you up 
and running.
Our burners can keep you warm this winter!
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NOTE:  Our website is for your information only, and is an overview of what we have reconditioned / sold in the past.  

Call us for exact information and to see what we currently have on hand.

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Reznor Furnace
Where quality and value meet.
Welcome to Our Website!
     You came to the right place for a top quality reconditioned waste oil heater for your shop.
     Are you paying a waste hauler to remove your used oil?  For every gallon of oil you pay disposal fees to them, you are forfeiting 140,000 BTU's of free heat that you could be using to heat your shop.  Why not eliminate your reliance on other heating sources, and do away with those high heat bills?
     We have used a waste oil heater for years, and have personally burnt over 17,000 gallons of used oil since 1992.  Imagine our savings!!
     We work with many other experienced waste oil heater dealers, thereby gaining years of combined experience, to provide you with a satisfactory product.
     Your investment in a reconditioned waste oil heater will probably pay for itself in 1 - 2 years.
      We also offer a 2-year parts warranty, compared to others who only give 30 - 90 days.  Our prices are approximately 40 -  60% off  new prices.      
     View all our name brand pages and see our videos on bottom  
of each page to learn more about how each brand works .

All brands, product names, or trademarks are property of their prospective owners/holders.
​                          All btu ratings on this site are based on factory  specifications
If you need a used oil furnace and don't buy one then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it
All btu ratings on this site are based on factory specs.