Genuine energy logic quality
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 parts for energy-logic
 we bought out an energy-logic dealer & have lots of parts in stock but can get any thing you need 
Side mount flooded suction
Recon Energy Logic burner exchange program for Models EL 140, 200, 340-H, 
Models EL-140, 200 Exch. price $498, EL-340 $498
boiler & EL-500 available
we  send  return tag  N.C
retention head $69
new air compressors $398
recon. compressors  $298
filters $29.95 nozzles $59
 we bought out an energy-logic dealer & have lots of parts in stock but can get any thing you need 
 modern parts storage facility from down and dirty to up and running in one call
Parts for Energy Logic , Black Gold  Burners , heaters , Meter pumps & Motors
Complete blower fans;  New , used & motors  $250-$599  wheels $68
2 year parts warranty
Recon Meter pumps exch. $425  or  $660 new price
New pump heads $295 
exch.  top mounts available 
New motors , Electrical parts  transformers electrodes pumps etc.
on board compressor
no need for shop air.
EL340 add $498.00 If you need a new exch. 
oil-pre heater assy 
EL375-500b is  more
Complete Swing out burner  unit only  exchange  $1295.00
save off new 
prices of $2300
Units are high pressure & chemical cleaned, pressure & amp  tested,  temperature calibrated & test fired  includes power cord 
call us today 
Genuine energy logic
Genuine energy logic quality
 used pre-heaters 
new pre-heaters
Reconditioned pre-heaters approx $395 exchange 2 yr.warranty
see E-L /B-G part #'s & prices on bottom of this page 
New Energy logic Black Gold part #'S and prices 
burner power tail 42.00----nozzle heater assy.14010124 ----nozzles 69.00 ----electrodes 48.00 ----compressors 389.00---
-small oil pump head 295.00 exchange #14020155 ----oil filters 29.95 ----top mount oil suction kit #05000117  $149.00
meter pump drive motor 189.00 ----electronic transformers 98.00 ----flame controls 189.00
used  Energy logic Black Gold part #'S and prices 
oil filter base #04000189   $49.00 ----retention heads #04000280 / #20311118  $59.00 ----fire stop valves #04000067  $29.00 ----
squirrel cage blowers #13031003 / #13031002 / # $249.00 -$599.00 ----
most any recon exchange burner head $1295.00 ----save about 66% off of new burner price with our burner  exchange program
Genuine energy logic quality
get the right parts right away
EL-140-350-H burner & preheater exch recon price $1,650.2 yr parts warr. or any EL burner only $1295 exch recond. test ran 31 point inspected